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Castlemaniacs Escape Room

Castlemaniacs Escape Room is a leisure activity, a new way of fun. It´s an escape game where players have to collect clues and escape from a themed room; solving puzzles and enigmas, using logic and creativity.

A group of 2 to 8 adventurers can enter in the Dark Castle. You must tell us the number of players who are going to play when booking.

From 12 years you can enter in the Dark Castle, although minors between 12 and 16 must play with at least one adult on the team. There is no age limit; any adult can enjoy Castlemaniacs Escape Room.

NO, although in a Dark Castle there are some excitement moments, but it is not scary. It´s a game of physical and mental skills and agility, but especially a teamwork game.

NO, in no case. Despite the big space of the rooms there are some tests and events that require minimal agility and can cause some shock. However, we remind you that it is not a scary game and there´s no real lock in the room.

Can people with reduced mobility play?
NO, in no case. Despite the big space in rooms a minimum of physical agility is required to overcome different levels or obstacles.

But if you still want to play, get in touch with us.

It’s ok! A member of our team will open the room once the session is finished and the game will be completed.

The brotherhood of the shadows can be performed in Spanish and English


It´s very important to be punctual. Delays harm the organization and times of the next sessions. All participants must enter the room at the time marked on your reservation. It´s recommended come a few minutes before, to avoid delays and check the session by our staff.

IMPORTANT: If you have a delay of 10 minutes or more, the game will not begin. In this case, the session will be cancelled and the money will not be returned.

Castlemaniacs Escape Room works by bookings, so we only open the hours which are booked.

You can book from Tuesday to Sunday

Yes, The Dark Castle opens its doors from Tuesday to Sunday (even holidays!)


Due to Covid-19, there are the following restrictions:
The capacity of the game has been modified due to the current regulations.
The use of masks will be obligatory throughout the session. It´
ll be necessary wash your hands or use hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance and exit of the room.

Yes. We have limited the number of players who can participate in the room. We have changed times to avoid groups meet at the entrance or exit. In addition, we disinfect the room after each session.

If you have any specific questions contact us at:


Warnings and recommendations

Many people suffering from claustrophia have played escape games without problems. In any case, a member of our team is always watching the game and prepared to take care of players in case they need it.

There will be people from Castlemaniacs Escape Room team all the time, following the activity and helping if you need it. If a person needs to leave, you can do it, staying the rest of the team inside until the game is finished. That person who has come out will not be able to go back in.

NO, in no case. There´s no way people are allowed to enter under the effects of alcohol or narcotics. Smoking is also completely forbidden. In that situation, you´ll not be allowed to enter and you will lose the reservation without the right to get any refund.

The place reserves the right to admission.

Players take the responsibility for the good use of the facilities. You must not use brutal strength at no time, just interact with objects carefully, in a natural way and respect basic rules of coexistence within the room.
Castlemaniacs Escape Room can claim them in case of intentionally caused faults, by the wrong use of objects or tools used during the game.

Castlemaniacs Escape Room will apply the right to not admission and immediate run out of the room in cases that are not following this basic conditions and rules of coexistence:
• Be under the effects of alcohol or any kind of drug or other psychotropic substances.
• Carry dangerous objects.
• Show physical and verbal violent attitudes against the room’s staff.
• Cause intentionally flaws and damage in the room’s mechanisms and atrezzo.
• Short of personal hygiene.

Yes, it’s recommended. Try to not attend with clothes that limit your movement. Dont forget that you come to live an adventure to a very dangerous castle full of traps!

No, you don’t need to have any physical condition. Any normal person is able to dodge all the traps of the Castle and solve their enigmas with a minimum of skill.


To play Castlemaniacs Escape Room, you need to book the session via this website through the booking calendar: you will have to enter your data and make a first payment by a secure TPV.

We only attend calls about bookings if you book a session with a minimum of 24 hours in advance and according the availability of the room.

That´s not possible. Castlemaniacs Escape Room works by booking only. The staff will be in the room only along the hours that are groups who has booked to play.

No, you cannot cancel it, but you can make ONE modification to another day and time that are available as long as you notify 72 hours in advance. You will have to contact us by email or by phone and notify the modification, always in case the terms set out above are fulfilled.

IMPORTANT: You cannot make a second modification or you will lose the booking and the money will not be returned.

Enter the Gift Vouncher section, choose the game you want to give, fill in the requested data and make the first payment by a secure TPV. You will receive the Gift Vouncher by email.

No, it’s not possible, but the expiration date says that the Vouncher must be used within 12 months and bookings can be made any month and day available from the booking calendar.

Prices depend on the game and the number of players.
The Brotherhood of Shadows:
Open sale:
2 People: 90€
3 & 4 People: 130€
5 & 6 People: 150€
7 & 8 People: Contact us

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