Castlemaniacs Escape Room

Castlemaniacs Escape Room is an escape games room located in Cuarte de Huerva, 5 minutes from Zaragoza where you and your friends will have to solve ton of puzzles and enigmas to beat The Greatest Lord Black.

The Brotherhood of Shadows Prices:
Opening Sale

2 People: 90€
3 & 4 People: 130€
5 & 6 People: 150€
7 & 8 People: Contact us

Help Alarik to end with the tyranny of Lord Black, the most powerful Necromancer ever. To do this, you’ll have to get into the castle. It will not be an easy task since strange creatures live inside their walls and hide traps to end the intruders.

A Mad Mansion´s Room

Mad Mansion is a pioneering company at the national level, dedicated to creating live escape games and other leisure related experiences.

It´s one of the most well-regarded companies, also recognized as BEST NATIONAL COMPANY and BEST WORLD COMPANY in the national Escape Room International Awards Terpec.

The company is constantly in development with more than 5 years of experience. Lots of known and experienced bloggers place the games produced by Mad Mansion as the best at the national and international level and are in high ranking positions..

Nowadays it has several games nationwide with the Mad Mansion seal of quality and many other projects in progress.

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